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The extensive DAC product range and associated options can be confusing to the new customer. In order to allow you to better visualize how our products work together, to single out the primary products from the more esoteric ones, and to suggest important options, the following sample proposal is offered for your review.

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The sample labs that follow are offered as a method of visualizing how a comprehensive maintenance training laboratory can be assembled using DAC products and accessories. Often, when reviewing our web site or our catalog of products, potential customers become intimidated by the number of products and options offered. The purchasing process is viewed as complex and time consuming. With this proposal we intend to better describe how a complete laboratory might be specified and how its component parts work together. We regularly develop custom proposals of this kind using information on your local needs, budget, student group size, and method of delivery.

Equipment Quantities

This proposal is based on a basic student group size of twelve learners. In some cases it is assumed that small groups might work on several individual tasks simultaneously. Equipment quantities and consumable courseware quantities can, of course, be adjusted to precisely match your needs.


This proposal is divided into seven basic subject matter groups. Whole groups can be eliminated, or others added, to better match your local training needs. Using this modular approach a complete program can be developed over time, based on your priorities or budget limitations.

Course Delivery

This proposal assumes use in an instructor-led setting. However, many course elements can be delivered using a self-directed format. Using a completely self-directed format, an even more flexible course offering can be created. The training can be conducted according to the scheduling needs of local industry and open enrollment students can be more easily accommodated. When supplying materials in this format we can offer identical course guides for each element.

Basic Skills

This proposal addresses applied maintenance fundamentals. If training elements related to basic foundation skills are needed we can be of help. If courses related to blueprint reading, reading, basic math, statistical process control, safety, hand tools, and measuring, among others, are needed please call to discuss the possibilities.

Integration With Existing Course Materials

Using our simplistic course guides, mentioned above and more fully described in the "System" area of our web site, our training devices and their associated exercises can be "connected" to related material produced by others including paper-based, video or CD-ROM-type materials.

A Note About Integrated Applications

One of the unique features of our offering is the ability to integrate individual training elements into complete electro-mechanical arrangements. The "open architecture" of our mechanical, electrical, process control and manufacturing control training equipment allows for creation of comprehensive, combined, industry-specific and plant-specific training environments. These environments can be used for cross-training or basic training in troubleshooting, root-cause analysis, system tuning, preventive/predictive maintenance or operations training. Rather than being a structured "single-application" training aid, these combined applications can be modified and adapted to suit specific training needs. We offer the service of custom training application development to further address your needs.

How To Get Started

Just give us a call.
Please call us at 1-800-662-5877 or e-mail us at To allow the process to begin immediately, be prepared to discuss student group size, training priorities, existing materials, method of delivery, budget and schedule. A comprehensive firm-price proposal can be assembled in a matter of days. If you would like a comprehensive product demonstration, we would be happy to provide one either in our offices or yours.


Belt Drive Trainer, #201Mechanical Maintenance Fundamentals
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Pump Maintenance Trainer, #275Mechanical Maintenance for the Process Industries
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Three-Phase Magnetic Starter Trainer, #423Electrical Maintenance Fundamentals
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Pneumatics Trainer, Advanced, #752Fluid Power Maintenance Fundamentals
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PID Process Control Trainer, #610Instrumentation/Process Control Fundamentals
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PLC Trainer, SLC-500, #463Manufacturing Control Technologies
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Vibration Analysis Demonstrator, #203Introduction to Preventive/Predictive Maintenance
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We would be happy to provide you with a priced copy of any or all of the suggested labs. We would also be happy to make modifications to quantities, training aid selections and optional equipment to better match your training objectives.

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