Introduction to Preventive/Predictive Maintenance

This course of study introduces the student to basic preventive and predictive maintenance techniques used in industry. While the concentration is on an introduction to vibration analysis and balancing, oil analysis, bearing failure analysis, performance monitoring, non-destructive testing, and other topics are also addressed using the IPT Rotating Equipment Training Manual.


 Introduction to Preventive/Predictive Maintenance (CD-ROM Course)
 (1)  060-F03-1  CD-ROM Course, Titled, "Introduction to Predictive and Preventive Maintenance" (Coastal)  
 Vibration Analysis (DAC Hardware, IPT Books, Video)
 (2)  #203  Vibration Analysis Demonstrator  
 (1)  #208-003  Standard Shim Kit  
 (2)  #203-003  Vibration Meter (IRD)  
 (12)  #570-000  IPT Rotating Equipment Training Manual  
 (1)  #060-R02-3  Videos, Two-part Series Relating to Basic Vibration Analysis Principles (Coastal)  
 (1)  #202  Fan Balancing Demonstrator  
 (1)  #202-001  Balancing Kit  
 (1)  #202-006  Replacement "Short" Blade Set w/Shaft  


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